Meet PBLA’s Newest Expert Instructor: Josh Spoon (Ableton Certified Trainer)

Patrick Swift, Mar 27, 2015  We recently opened our brand new school in Silverlake, Los Angeles, and it’s going from strength to strength. Joining the likes of Tom Wilson aka Sweatson Klank, Morgan Z and Tim ‘Bosky’
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Korg Volca Sample & Electribe: Performing Live (FFL!)

Declan McGlynn, Mar 27, 2015  As live performance has become more important for income as well as standing out from the crowd, artists and producers are looking for new ways to perform their music live. With sequencers and
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Mixing Dance Music in Logic Pro X Part 2: Synths & FX

Declan McGlynn, Mar 26, 2015  As part of our re-vamped Mixing Dance Music in Logic module from our Logic Pro Diploma, course instructor Paul Crossman has created a brand new series, giving you an insight into what you can learn
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Exclusive Student Discount: 20% Off Brighton Music Conference Early Bird Tickets

Patrick Swift, Mar 26, 2015  Brighton Music Conference (BMC) is the UK’s only electronic music conference, and we’re pleased to announce that we’ve teamed up with them so Point Blank students can get
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Point Blank’s Online Music School: Exceptional Levels of Student Engagement

Patrick Swift, Mar 25, 2015  Point Blank is the world’s leading electronic music school, a fact we’re very proud of. Our online music school has unrivalled levels of student engagement and in this article
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Point Blank Students on Pioneer DJ Radio: James de Courcy

Patrick Swift, Mar 24, 2015  There’s many reasons you should learn to DJ at Point Blank, and one them is that you get the chance to have your mixes played exclusively on Pioneer DJ Radio, alongside the likes of top artists
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Next Online Production Courses Start on Monday!

Declan McGlynn, Mar 23, 2015  Have you signed up yet? This is your chance to join the world’s leading electronic music school to learn mixing, mastering, composition and master major DAWs to either start your career in music or refresh your production skills. Our online school’s new term starts on Monday 30th March so get stuck in! Check out our full range of online
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Point Blank Recommends #011

Patrick Swift, Mar 23, 2015  Looking for some new music to start your week but don’t have the time to trawl the internet? That’s exactly why we created Point Blank Recommends, where we put together the most essential tunes in electronic music right now. If you’re stuck for some new music to listen to, click here and press play for some sonic treats. The eleventh installment
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Student Opportunities: BBC (Producer Wanted) & Westside Radio (Daytime Presenter/DJ...

Patrick Swift, Mar 22, 2015  At Point Blank we strive to give our students and alumni unique opportunities to get involved within the music industry. These opportunities come exclusively from our extensive network
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10 Ways to Get Analogue Sound In The Box

Declan McGlynn, Mar 21, 2015  The elusive analogue sound is a result many producers strive for, but achieving a true analogue sound is an expensive pursuit, especially for producers who are used to the luxury of the modern DAW. Endless channels and instances of plugs mean that if we were to go back to a true analogue setup, it’d cost in time, space and of   
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EQ 101 w/ JC Concato (FFL!)

Declan McGlynn, Mar 20, 2015  EQ is one of the most important parts of mixing, either when making sounds fit together, adding character, removing problems or giving your mix an overall shine. But there are many different types with different functions, all with a different response, so what’s best for what material, when to boost and when to cut and how can we break the   
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