March 14, 2013  |   Ableton Tutorials, Tips & Tricks, Tutorials

Ableton Live 9 Secret Window Revealed!

Point Blank’s Ableton Live 9 was finally released last week and, of course, has had widespread attention from all and sundry in the production world. Having spent some time playing around with it, PB’s Freddy Frogs has discovered one of its secrets (via and below gives a step-by-step guide for Mac to how to discover a hidden window!

Ableton Live has some secrets and here is a neat one… You can see the track’s content (i.e. devices) in a window that’s usually hidden from us. Here is a step by step for Mac to get this new tool.

1. Open Text edit on a Mac
2. Type: -ShowDeviceSlots
3. Go to the format menu and choose “Make plain text”
4. Go to the “file” menu and choose “Save”
5. Name the file : Options.txt
6. Save in MacHD/User/Library/preferences/Ableton/the version of live you are using right now(eg.9.0.1)
7. Open Live and hit the new “plug” icon next to your master track (see screenshot) to reveal the new function
8. If you can’t see the names of your devices in the tracks, simply change the width of the track to fix this small bug.

Big shout out to for the tip :-)