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Band Management Universal is Looking for Graduate Producers

Nov 27, 2014  We are very excited to present an excellent opportunity for Point Blank graduate producers to get involved with. Band Management Universal has studios in Farringdon and South-East London, managing and promoting
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Point Blank in Venezuela! Mastering Masterclasses with the British Council

Nov 25, 2014  Point Blank is The Global Music School with courses in London, Los Angeles and online. We’re also proud to send our expert instructors all over the world to deliver unique masterclasses to a
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ASCAP Opens Registration for 10th “I Create Music” EXPO

Nov 23, 2014  If you’re a regular reader of Point Blank Plus (who isn’t?), no doubt you’ll have seen that we’re opening a school in Los Angeles. The last few places for January term 2015 are
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Student Opportunities Weekly Round-Up

Nov 22, 2014  At Point Blank, we’re always on the lookout for the biggest and best opportunities for our students and alumni. With that in mind, here is a comprehensive round-up of student opportunities for you to peruse and pursue. There’s plenty to get involved in, whether you’re in a live band yourself and looking for places to play, engineering live
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Vocal Sessions with Tiff Lacey & Tim Brownlow added to EDM/Trance Course

Nov 14, 2014  Point Blank’s online EDM/Trance course offers the opportunity to improve and perfect skills in using EQ and FX, grouping, side chain compression, applying automation, mixdown techniques and much
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MNEK, Eliza Doolittle and Lethal Bizzle Confirmed for The Ultimate Seminar

Nov 13, 2014  At Point Blank we make sure our students have access to the many opportunities out there to build their network of music industry contacts. One such opportunity for Point Blank London students is The Ultimate
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Music Week, Island Records, 4AD & More to Deliver Talks at Finding The Future

Nov 13, 2014  Are you looking for a career in the music industry? If the answer is yes, there is an event going on this week that you really should make sure you attend. City Showcase: Finding The Future provides a unique platform
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RESET Returns to Showcase Point Blank Student Talent

Nov 12, 2014  Here at Point Blank we make sure our students have plenty of hands-on music industry experience, whether focusing on DJing, music production or live performance. We’ve recently teamed up with London night
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Ten Tips for Mixing Vocals

Nov 10, 2014  Vocals are one of most organic elements you’ll find in music and are therefore one of the most important, and most difficult aspects to get right. When making electronic music, mixing vocals can be even more difficult as you try to balance a dynamic, organic sound with mostly sampled and consistent sounds. Don’t worry though, as always Point Blank is   
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Freddy’s Tech Tip 031: Scaling the Piano Roll in Ableton Live

Nov 06, 2014  Freddy Frogs is our resident Ableton Ninja and tutor on our online school – don’t believe us? Check out his recent 30 Quick-Fire Ableton Tips! Every fortnight he pries himself away from his studio to give you
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PB Tutor Profile: Tom O’Grady (Underground Resistance, Kirk DeGiorgio, Eumir Deodato...

Oct 01, 2014  Another week, another insight into the world of our multi award-winning tutors! This time around, our Electronic Music Composition tutor Tom O’Grady is in the spotlight. He’s worked with the likes
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