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Freddy’s Tech Tip 025: Space is the Place

Declan McGlynn, Apr 22, 2014  Every fortnight, our Ableton Live course tutor Freddy Frogs takes over these pages to bring you nuggets of knowledge from his vast Ableton archives. This time around, it’s all about reverb with some tips and tricks for sound design and mixing. We can all subconsciously analyse the distance, shape and material of the room we are sitting in with
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How to Remix: Working Out the BPM

Rob Cowan, Apr 05, 2014  Continuing our series on how to remix, this week we look at how to get your remix started covering what a elements a label will typically send and how to work out the BPM or tempo of those elements. When a label sends you a remix project you could receive anything, from a simple acapella to a full-blown protools project    
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Freddy’s Tech Tip 024: Warm Up Your Music

Declan McGlynn, Mar 25, 2014  Freddy Frogs is one of our Ableton-certified tutors here at Point Blank and also an expert of live performance and Ableton production. Every fortnight he breaks off a branch from his tree of Ableton knowledge and passes it round for us all to enjoy in his own feature, Freddy’s Tech Tips. Try one of our Ableton Live courses for free   
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What is a Remix? Top Labels Reveal What They’re Looking For

Danny J Lewis, Mar 13, 2014  We’ve asked some of the world’s top labels to give the full lowdown on remixing from the label’s perspective. Each label representative was presented with the same set of questions
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Remixing Tutorial 1: How to Remove Vocals From a Track

Rob Cowan, Mar 06, 2014  If you want to do a bootleg remix of a track and don’t have the acapella there is a technical trick you can use in some instances to remove the vocals from a track and isolate them. To understand how
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Freddy’s Tech Tip 23: Get Connected!

Declan McGlynn, Mar 06, 2014  Freddy Frogs is our in-house Ableton expert, course tutor and developer and every two weeks he drops a nugget of knowledge focusing on Ableton, production and expert techniques. This week, we’re looking at hooking up your DAWs inside the box. Subscribe to our YouTube channel to keep up to date with our Ableton tutorials. So let’s put an end
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Freddy’s Tech Tip 22: Humanised Arpeggiator

Freddy, Feb 20, 2014  Freddy Frogs is our in-house Ableton expert and tutor at Point Blank. Every two weeks he gives us an unmissable slice of Ableton Live knowledge in his Tech Tips series and this week it’s all about arpeggios. Don’t know your rates from your gates? Read on… Arpeggiators have been around since the ’80s and they have become a staple ingredient
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How to Remix Pt. 2 – CJ Mackintosh Interview

Danny J Lewis, Feb 08, 2014  In the 90s, ex-DMC Champion CJ Mackintosh was one of the biggest names on both the DJ and remix circuit. Whilst in his residency at Ministry of Sound between 1994 and 1996, he was behind some of the biggest remixes of the decade. In this exclusive interview with Point Blank online, CJ takes us back to that golden period with    
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How to Remix a Song / Track Pt. 1

Danny J Lewis, Jan 26, 2014  Remixing is the process of taking an existing song or track and putting your own unique spin on it. There are no rules on how to remix a song, some people simply put extra beats and synths on top, some people create an entirely new backing from scratch, whilst others might just reduce the original elements to something totally unrecognisable.   
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How to Build a Max for Live Device: Part 3 – Controls and Automation

Declan McGlynn, Jan 20, 2014  Whether it’s through owning Ableton 9′s flagship Suite, surfing its forums or following Point Blank’s free plugin series, you’re probably well aware of the power
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Freddy’s Tech Tip 21: Secret Ableton Tricks

Freddy, Jan 19, 2014  So you want to become an Ableton ninja? Well here are a few moves you will need to master. Velocity Crescendo To draw the perfect crescendo in your MIDI clips, select your pointer tool (not the pen) and in the velocity editor, select the notes you want to affect. Then, place your pointer onto the velocity stokes, while holding the    
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