July 15, 2013  |   Events, News

Kappa Futur Festival: Day 2 (Marco Carola, Ellen Allien, Rudemates, Zombie Nation, Matador, Erol Alkan, Richie Hawtin)

After the heights of Day 1, the second day at Kappa Futur Festival had a lot to live up to…

The morning/early afternoon was spent catching up on some much needed sleep, by the time we reached the festival Marco Carola was in full flight dishing out some solid techno and harder-edged house music for a far larger crowd than the previous day. Whereas on Saturday Parco Dora was semi-packed by late afternoon, on Sunday it looked as though half of Turin was squeezed into the venue and the atmosphere was electric.

Marco Carola in action

BPitch boss Ellen Allien

Marco’s set was unsurprising, yet dynamic and full-on for its duration. After the Music On boss went to work on the crowd, BPitch Control’s Ellen Allien graced the stage taking things down a notch to open her set. It was a daring move considering the Italians are fiends for the more banging end of techno, but a veteran like Ellen doesn’t need to pander to her audience and the slow beginning soon evolved into a faster paced selection.

Erol Alkan dropping bombs on the second stage at Kappa Futur Festival

Over on the second stage it was electro day, local boys Rudemates got the early evening crowd bouncing while Zombie Nation later brought the house down with a wickedly groovy selection of music ranging from the more minimal end right up to slightly more grating sounds. Erol Alkan closed the stage in his typically rough and tumble manner, all in all a treat for electro fans.

The immense sight from the main stage

Meanwhile the main stage slipped into the techno abyss with Minus soldier Matador performing live and devastating the Parco Dora with a constant flow of rugged beats. But this was just a warm-up for the main man, Richie Hawtin, who thousands of Italians had flocked to see on the main stage. Richie’s set was predictably impressive as he worked through an amazing selection of techno bangers and deeper tracks – with the sun long gone the main arena made for an impressive sight as spotlights illuminated sections of the crowd while Richie got to work. It was everything the crowd could have wished for and more, a stunning end to the festival…

For those who just hadn’t had enough partying for the weekend, right after Richie’s set it was off to Silverado for the Trax magazine after-party which saw Trax’s own DJ queen Misty Rabbit joined by Ellen Allien for more hard beats to take the Italians, and Point Blank, through to the early hours.

Ellen in action at the after-party