November 14, 2012  |   Daily Round-Up, News

Daily News: Gold 10th Anniversary MiniMoog Voyager Announced

Today’s top picks…

Synth-Fanciers, Marvel at the Gold MiniMoog Voyager >> (Fact)
In celebration of the 10 year anniversary of their MiniMoog Voyager, the synth-makers have created this super luxurious special edition MiniMoog Voyager…

Meduim Uncool: The CD Turns 30 >> (Pitchfork)
Believe it or not the CD is 30 years old. With this in mind, the guys over at Pitchfork take a look back at it’s history by sharing their personal experiences with the medium.

Top 20 Best Compressors of All Time >> (Attack)
Attack share their pick of top 20 compressors ever made. Did your favorite compressor make it in the top 20? Let us know your thoughts on the list by posting your comments below…

Interview: Santigold – “We’re in the Wild West of music right now” >> (In The Mix)
Santigold talks to In The Mix about America’s “EDM Boom” and the music industry.

Great DJ Stories: DJing Election Night at Obama HQ >> (DJ Tech Tools)
DJ Mel shares his experience of DJing at President Obama election party.