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NI Komplete Kontrol: Building Up A Track (Polyplex, Reaktor, Massive)

Declan McGlynn, Oct 28, 2014  Komplete Kontrol is a new software from Native Instruments that combines the power of their mammoth production suite into a free, easy to navigate library software. Harnessing the power of Komplete
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Drum Production & Sound Design in Ableton Live Part 3: Grouping & Mixing

Declan McGlynn, Oct 21, 2014  Even if your drums are perfectly programmed, they’ll fall flat in the club without the right mix. In part one and two of our Drum Production and Sound Design in Ableton Live video, we looked
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Moon Boots: Interview at IMS Engage LA 2014

Declan McGlynn, Oct 17, 2014  Moon Boots aka Pete Dougherty is one of dance music’s most reliable producers, consistently producing killer remixes and releases on one of the hottest imprints around – French Express. His remix of Chvrches The Mother We Share was an instant classic, combining a retro synth touch with beautiful chords and sounds. We wanted to hear
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Drum Production & Sound Design in Ableton Live Part 2: Tuning & Automating Drums

Declan McGlynn, Oct 14, 2014  While more musical elements like toms, congas, bells and percussion clearly need to be in tune with the rest of your track, it might not be immediately obvious how important it is to tune your kick
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Ten Tips for Mixing with Distortion

Declan McGlynn, Oct 11, 2014  Distortion is often a confusing term. Because it has negative connotations like clipping and digital distortion, it’s often thought of either as a negative aspect of a mix, or something that can only be used to the extreme. The reality is that distortion is one of the most flexible tools for producers. It can generate harmonics – giving
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Drum Production & Sound Design in Ableton Live Part 1: Programming Drums

Declan McGlynn, Oct 07, 2014  Ableton Live is renowned for its sampling creative capabilities, excelling at quickly allowing you to put ideas together with drag-and-drop ease. Throw in Live’s Impulse and Drum Rack
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Music for Media: Transposing and Grouping Tracks

Declan McGlynn, Oct 02, 2014  In the final part of our new series looking at Music For Media, course tutor Kevin Kerrigan looks at transposing multiple clips of your temp track and grouping your channels so you don’t
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Zombie Disco Squad (Dirtybird, Made to Play): Production Masterclass

Sep 26, 2014  For this week’s production masterclass we headed to the studio of Nat Self, aka Zombie Disco Squad. Nat’s cranked out some classic releases as a producer over the last 5 years on labels such as Made
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Music for Media: Creating Locators When Composing in Live 9

Declan McGlynn, Sep 20, 2014  While Ableton Live might be better know for its performance and production capabilities, it’s equally capable as a composition tool when writing music for film and TV. On our Music for Media
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Controlling Ableton Live with Leap Motion (FFL!)

Declan McGlynn, Sep 19, 2014  Friday Forum Live is back after our summer break and who better to kick it off with than our resident Ableton-certified tutor and all-round Ableton expert Freddy Frogs? Freddy’s hosted
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Music for Media: Creating a Tempo Track in Ableton Live

Declan McGlynn, Sep 12, 2014  Our Music for Media course – part of our Music Production in Ableton Live Diploma – looks at scoring, soundtracking and composing for film, TV, videogames, radio and more. In this
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