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Logic Pro 1: Production – Filter & Routing

Declan McGlynn, Apr 15, 2014  In the latest video from our Logic Pro 1: Production course preview series, tutor Paul Crossman looks at routing select tracks into a bus for a classic production trick. DJ-style production techniques are nothing new and filtering is a classic techniques used by both DJs and producers, but there are times when you only want to filter certain elements
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Direct Video Response (DVR) Examples: Minimal Techo in Ableton Live

Declan McGlynn, Apr 13, 2014  If you’ve ever taken an online course with us, or have been following our online networks you’ll probably have heard the term DVR before. But what exactly is a DVR? Direct Video Response
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Todd Terje – Delorean Dynamite Deconstruction (Part One)

Declan McGlynn, Apr 11, 2014  Before his breakout smash Inspector Norse, Todd Terje was known among the disco elite as a master of edits, beefing up both classics and rarities with his groove-infused loops and drums as well
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Mastering on iPad: Multi-band Dynamics and Stereo Enhancement

Declan McGlynn, Apr 08, 2014  Swiping your finger across a digital canvas like a sonic paintbrush as you add the final polish to your track might seem like a Jetson-esque fantasy, but progress in both touch screen technology
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Mastering on iPad: Positive Grid Final Touch – Introduction

Declan McGlynn, Apr 07, 2014  As the iPad’s power grows, so does its potential for becoming a complete music-making platform. There are already many innovative music apps that take advantage of the ‘Pad’s
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Logic Pro 1: Production – Vocal Comping

Declan McGlynn, Apr 02, 2014  Vocal comping is a powerful feature that allows multiple vocal takes to edited to a single track by highlighting the best moments of each take. What was once a laborious process has been hugely simplified by digital audio workstations, and even more so by Logic Pro X’s latest features. In this video taken from our Logic Pro 1: Production sample
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Maschine & Logic Pro X Part 3: Automating Maschine

Declan McGlynn, Mar 26, 2014  Maschine is a powerful music-making tool in its own right, but when used within a DAW it can add a huge amount of flexibility to your mixes. However, it’s not always clear how Native Instrument’s
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MAKJ – Encore Track Masterclass: Logic Pro

Declan McGlynn, Mar 14, 2014  Starting out as a DJ, via professional race car driver, MAKJ has become one of the fastest rising producers in EDM. At only 23, he’s already played at some of the world’s biggest festivals and clubs including Ultra, TomorrowWorld and even landed a residency at Las Vegas club XS. Having hit the Beatport top spot with Countdown, a collaboration
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Maschine & Logic Part 1: Routing Multiple Outputs

Declan McGlynn, Mar 10, 2014  Maschine is a powerful tool as a standalone unit, but once it’s running inside your DAW and can take advantage of the extra features, it becomes extremely flexible. In our new tutorial series,
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Joe Goddard Remix Masterclass LEAF 2013

Declan McGlynn, Mar 09, 2014  If you’re a regular on the Point Blank networks, you’ll already know all about our London Electronic Arts Festival Masterclass series, where we took some of the biggest names in electronic music to Hoxton Square and grilled them on their production techniques, studio setup and creative inspirations in front of a captivated live audience.
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Friday Forum: Jon Rundell Track Masterclass

Declan McGlynn, Mar 07, 2014  This Friday we’ve got a special not-so-Live masterclass with one of techno’s most saught-after talents. His productions and remixes have seen him reach the top of both the techno and main Beatport charts, while his DJ sets have seen him play some of the biggest clubs and festivals all over the world. As a DJ he was asked to close   
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