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Mixing Dance Music in Ableton: DVR Example

Declan McGlynn, Dec 16, 2014  Our Direct Video Response system allows our online students to get personal, one-to-one feedback on their tracks via a video recorded by their course instructor. Every two weeks, students receive a dedicated screen-capture video, guiding them through how their tracks and mixes can be improved by award-winning instructors who’ve worked
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10 Hidden Gems in Logic Pro X

Declan McGlynn, Dec 15, 2014  Logic Pro has been around, in various incarnations, since the late 80s. As its grown over the years, with a recent facelift in version X, many of the less-sexy but hugely efficient features have become hidden within menus within menus. Not only that but some of the newer features can go beyond the call of duty with a bit of    
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Ableton Live: Creative Exponential Rhythms

Declan McGlynn, Dec 12, 2014  One of Ableton Live’s biggest strengths is how quickly you can manipulate MIDI and audio. Our Ableton Live instructor Freddy Frogs knows his way around the popular software, so we enlisted his help in a new tutorial showing you how to create exponential rhythms that never stick to one pattern. Freddy shows how you can turn these rhythms into
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NI Rounds Part 5: Remote Octave

Declan McGlynn, Dec 11, 2014  If you’ve been following our YouTube channel, you’ll be well aware of our in-depth tutorials of NI’s new synth Rounds. It’s a unique and exciting instrument, capable of creative sound design and evolving textures and tones. In our fifth and final video, our NI Sound Design module instructor Dan Herbert looks at the Remote
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Direct Video Response: Electronic Music Composition

Declan McGlynn, Dec 09, 2014  Our Direct Video Response (DVR) system allows our online students to get one-to-one feedback on their projects from anywhere in the world. Every two weeks, our instructors record a video for
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Point Blank Free Plugin! Route MIDI From Komplete Kontrol to Your DAW

Declan McGlynn, Dec 05, 2014  Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol software comes with a Scale and Arp function to quickly get creative with your compositions and sound design. We loved the new feature but wanted a way to get
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NI Rounds Part 4: The Voice Programmer

Declan McGlynn, Dec 02, 2014  Over the past few weeks we’ve been singing the praises of Native Instruments’ new plugin Rounds, part of Komplete 10. The sequencer/synth is capable of some unique sounds via a creative voice programmer and digital/analogue hybrid synth engine. Our Native Instruments Sound Design module instructor Dan Herbert has already given
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Point Blank at ADE 2014: Uner Creates a Track Live

Patrick Swift, Nov 27, 2014  Amsterdam Dance Event is the biggest event in the dance music calendar. Eighteen years in and still going strong, ADE is an event that enables artists, DJs, producers, label owners and fans
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Native Instruments Rounds: The FM Engine

Patrick Swift, Nov 26, 2014  Rounds is one of the brand new synths included within Native Instrument’s amazing production package Komplete 10, which is one of many key production tools that Point Blank students are able to access exclusive discounts for. Rounds itself is an analogue/digital hybrid synth triggered by an innovative Voice Programmer sequencer.
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Native Instruments Rounds: The Analogue Synth Engine

Declan McGlynn, Nov 19, 2014  NI’s Rounds is one of the brand new synths in Komplete – an analogue/digital hybrid triggered by a unique Voice Programmer sequencer. It’s a powerful plug, capable of unique,
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Laidback Luke: Creating a Track in Ableton Live (Dancefair 2014)

Declan McGlynn, Nov 17, 2014  Through remixes, releases, DJ sets and his Mixmash Records label, Laidback Luke has become one of the figureheads of dance music. Through his production forum he harboured the likes of Avicii,
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