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A range of Logic Tutorials that will help you with your workflow, creativity and productivity using Apple’s Logic Pro

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Using Flex Pitch in Logic Pro X

Declan McGlynn, Feb 10, 2014  Our sample courses have been a popular part of Point Blank Online for years, giving you a free insight into what it’s like to take a Point Blank course. With courses being created and updated all the time, and with our YouTube audience now over 110,000 keen music-makers, we thought it was time to give them a look into how    
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Deconstruction: Disclosure feat. Eliza Doolittle – You and Me (Logic Pro X)

Declan McGlynn, Jan 22, 2014  We took our world-famous Deconstruction series on the road in 2013, breaking down tracks for up-and-coming producers, keen beginners and anyone who’s interested in the art of production.
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Routing and Recording Notes from Logic Pro X MIDI Effects

Declan McGlynn, Dec 11, 2013  Logic Pro’s MIDI effects had always left something (or everything) to be desired until X marked the spot with a whole selection of new MIDI toys. These toys are so good, in fact, many producers
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Deconstructing: Motorcycle – As The Rush Comes Part 3

Sep 18, 2013  In the third and final part of our extended deconstruction on this trance classic, Mike Koglin looks at the extra melodies and how the vocals came together. Get his take, after the video. “Part 3 of this Logic
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Deconstructing: Motorcycle – As The Rush Comes Part 2

Sep 03, 2013  Point Blank tutor and Grammy-award nominee Mike Koglin returns for the second part of his deconstruction of Motorcycle’s Trance classic As The Rush Comes. This time around, he’s looking at key club
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Motorcycle – As The Rush Comes Deconstructed: Logic Pro X Tutorial (Part 1)

Aug 06, 2013  In this episode of the Point Blank production analysis series, Grammy-nominated producer and DJ Mike Koglin examines a huge Trance anthem from 2006, Motorcycle – As The Rush Comes. In part 1 of this Logic
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Logic Pro X Has Arrived! Let’s Take A Look…

Jul 19, 2013  The appearance of the upgrade to Apple’s iconic Logic Pro from 9 to X this week came as a complete shock to everyone. Some people had almost written it off, thinking there might never be another incarnation of this popular program. As soon as it was announced, it became almost instantly available from the App store so Point Blank didn’t   
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Wiley – ‘Reload’ Deconstructed (Logic Pro Tutorial)

Jun 13, 2013  Here are two new entries in our ongoing Deconstructions series, where one of our expert tutors breaks down a well known track and explains how specific parts were created. In this installment we have a two-part deconstruction
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Logic Pro Tutorial: Harlem Shake Deconstruction (Part 2)

Apr 09, 2013  Baauer’s Harlem shake has sprung out of what seems like nowhere to become somewhat of a music phenomenon. With several weeks at the top of the Billboard 100 charts and the first track to get there mainly through
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Logic Pro Masterclass with Rob Gallagher – (10/04/2013)

Apr 09, 2013  This week’s masterclass session is hosted by Rob Gallagher, long-time cohort of Gilles Peterson, the former talisman of acid jazz pioneers Galliano and sporadic poet Earl Zinger. He’ll be dropping
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Masterclass Highlights 004: Kate Simko

Apr 04, 2013  One of our most popular recent masterclasses featured the super-talented Kate Simko who talked us through the production techniques behind two of her biggest hits so far – Go On Then (ft. Jem Cooke) and her remix of Guy Gerber’s Hate/Love. As always, we’ve carefully edited this masterclass down to extract some of the highlights, and here it is!
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