February 15, 2012  |   Music Courses, News

New Electronic Music Composition Online Course with Ski Oakenfull

Officially announcing our newest online course – Electronic Music Composition, or EMC. This course has been developed by Ski Oakenfull – a composer, producer and virtuosic keyboardist signed to Sony as a solo artist. Ski’s list of accolades is lengthy – he has had releases on various labels including Talkin’ Loud and Ministry of Sound and also runs his own label, Primaudial Records. Watch the course preview below for more info -

Every producer and beatmaker has been there – you’ve built up the foundations of a track, you’re happy with it and it sounds good so far… but what to add next? Playing around on the keyboard doesn’t seem to lead anywhere and the melodies that come out just sound basic. EMC is designed to get you over those common hurdles: Ski dissects a wide range of tracks piece by piece and looks in close detail at what is going on musically.

These findings are then translated into techniques to use in your own productions which will allow you to explore a much wider range of rhythmic and melodic possibilities and develop the musical aspects of your tracks without getting bogged down in scales and theory.

Ski is involved with several music projects both as a keyboardist and producer. Having begun his musical career as a member of the K-Creative he has gone on to release two solo albums and play keyboards for several bands including Raw Stylus. He currently writes and produces with  Incognito, Joey Negro, Valerie Etienne and Murray James as well as playing keyboards as a member of the ambient group Ayota -

The EMC course starts on June 25th – you can enroll and find more info on the EMC course page. Or why not take a look at the other online courses we offer.

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