July 29, 2011  |   Music Courses

OMG Documentary 1/9 – Beginnings

At Point Blank we aim to create an environment in which your talent can be nurtured and grow.  We also try to extend this environment out into the community so those who would otherwise miss out can benefit from our training and hone their skills.

To this end, Point Blank recently teamed up with the Millfield Arts Centre, Enfield Council and The England Arts Council to give young people in the Enfield area an opportunity to take part in a project called Outstanding Musical Genius, or OMG.

OMG presented a chance for young people to perform in their own originally scripted musical.  OMG consisted of four phases:  A taster and auditioning phase, a training phase in which those taking part were schooled by Point Blank expert tutors, a writing and rehearsals phase during which the musical itself took form and finally the performace phase where the OMG musical was staged in front of live audiences.

Point Blank filmed all four stages and have put together a documentary showcasing the entire project which we will be releasing in episodes over the next few weeks.  Here’s number one, and don’t forget to tune in every Friday for the latest OMG update!