January 22, 2012  |   Logic Tutorials, Tutorials

Pick of the Year: Top 5 Free Logic Tutorials

We have got another run down of our most popular free music production tutorials on youtube for you today, this time its the top 5 Logic tutorials over the past year. So as not to re-post the same videos as in our overall top 10 of 2011, this is the top 5 outside of that top list. So here goes:

1- Arrangement & Mixdown – Minimal Tech Course Feedback – 39,723 views

This is an example of our unique system of 1-2-1 feedback (Direct Video Response – DVR). This great minimal track was created by student Nick Frattaroli on the Logic Minimal Tech course

2- Bounce in Place – Space Designer New Impulses – 36,078

Danny J Lewis (Defected/Enzyme Black) guides you through one of Logic 9′s great new features, bounce in place, which renders anything in one channel into a brand new audio file. He demonstrates this using the new impulse effects in Logic’s Space Designer. This video is taken from the Deep and Soulful Pro Producer Course.

3- Installing Logic Audio Units (AU Component Files) – 27,401

One of the most common questions we hear from students at Point Blank is how do you install audio plugins that do not come pre-loaded in DAWs? Although not immediately obvious, the answer is really very simple. Watch the video to see how it’s done.

4- Ultrabeat – Modulating Sample Start Position – 25,801

Here Danny J Lewis demonstrates a glitchy gated vocal effect using sample clip modulation in Logic’s Ultrabeat.

5- Tuning Drums – 21,129

In this video Danny J Lewis answers another common question from the students on our music production courses; How do you tune your drums in Logic to sit in key with the rest of the track?

If you want to learn more about producing or performing with this powerful piece of software, check out our whole range of Logic Courses.

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