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Point Blank Music & Club Recommendations: July 1st

Hi there, welcome to another instalment of our recommendations feature. This week features some great music, including an amazing album by Dinky, and singles from Samu.l, David Gtronic and Randall M, Mihai Popoviciu and lots more. Plus some of the best club nights happening around London town over the next week… ENJOY!


Dinky – Dimension D [Visionquest]

The past week or so has had a bit of a Dinky theme here at Point Blank with her In Session interview, alongside Matthew Styles, and her Producer’s Producer feature going out recently. This has all been to coincide with the release of her fifth album, Dimension D, which finds a home on one of the underground music scene’s most lauded labels – Visionquest.

Dimension D sees Dinky flexing her vocal muscle more than she’s ever done before – in fact, as she told us here at Point Blank, she attended vocal lessons in order to broaden her range and really give the album her all.

As you might expect, it’s a very special collection of music with great vocals and equally amazing production, the lyrical content is also spot on. Personal favourites include Xanex, Falling Angel with its delicate haunting vocals and ethereal atmosphere. From electronic soul music through to wistful ambience, there’s an emotional thread that runs through the album and a professionalism that emanates from every element of the LP. It’s been three years in the making and you can tell, the attention to detail is immense. We could reel off every single track and tell you how good it is, but we’ll leave it to you to pick the album up asap and book a ticket to see the live show – it’s a masterpiece. Electronic music at its finest.


David Gtronic & Randall M – Aliena EP [Serkal Music]

Don’t believe those who say that House and Techno music are universal, as  DJ Sprinkles  would say, they are “hyper-specific”: every place on earth gave these movement new flavours that created a myriad of sub-genres, that journalists are extremely keen on, especially when they can put a name on them… things are always easier when labelled, aren’t they?

David Gtronic is someone who produces a “giga-specific” music, but whose inspirations are so broaden at the same time that they blur the established labels. David has teamed with fellow producer Randall M for a very special EP that will take you somewhere in between the beautifully restrained melodies of Slavic Techno and the brutal and cold industrial rhythms from Northern Europe. Across their musical voyage, the two mates have brought elements from multiple genres on their musical canvas, with subtlety. Nothing occurs by chance, every detail has been processed with a peculiar care. You’ll probably first be hit by the strength of David and Randall’s beats, you might like the fact their sub-basses sound like a tube running at full speed right next to your head, but you’ll have to pay attention to all these little elements floating around to fully appreciate the complexity of their sound.

The presence of Livio & Roby on this EP has to be mentioned as they delivered an extremely interesting remix of the track Aliena. In their very own version, the greatly detailed layers are still present, but a bit of violence has been traded against some nonchalance, brought by a jazzy bassline and a simple chord, just one simple chord, so rich, so analogic, endlessly repeated,  giving a spiritual dimension to the track.

It’s a very audacious piece that David Gtronic and Randall M released on Serkal Music, a home scouting young talents created by the entrepreneurs behind Sankeys Ibiza. You can buy this EP here: http://www.beatport.com/release/aliena-ep/1081449
Jonathan Cornacchia
David Gtronic & Randall M – Aliena EP [Serkal] by DavidGtronic

Samu.L – In The Clouds [Dogmatik]

Birmingham-based Samu.l is renowned for his dubby techno offerings, establishing himself as a formidable member of the new generation of British producers making waves across Europe and the world. With support from people like tINI, he’s picked up a strong following and support from many of his peers. The choice cut on his People Are Sleeping EP, released via Alex Arnout’s excellent Dogmatik Records, is In The Clouds a head-nodding, foot-tapping tech house roller – its repetitive nature will suck you in, while its bounce will keep you moving in your transfixed state.
Samu.l – People Are Sleeping EP [DOGMATIK RECORDS] by Samu.l

Climbers – Criminal Love (Clarian’s Dream In Acid Remix) [Culprit]

Friends of Point Blank, the Climbers are a Mexican duo who have quickly made a name for themselves with a flurry of great releases over the past year or so. Their music is both dancefloor-friendly and funky, yet instilled with an emotion and depth that sets it apart from similar productions. Their second EP for Culprit is great and features the vocals of Yasmine Azaiez – the original track is summery, uplifting track with sweet nineties-esque organ chords. Former Footprintz member Clarian North met the duo in Tunisia and they immediately hit it off – his remix is an absolute stunner. Hints of New Wave, dreamy melodies and a real eighties influence make Clarian’s synth workout a real treat.
CP036: Climbers – Criminal Love featuring Yasmine Azaiez by Culprit LA

Mihai Popoviciu – Sortable [Popcorn Records]

A product of the healthy scene in Romania, Mihai Popoviciu has skills, it must be said. Rising up steadily over the last few years he’s had releases on Dessous, Fear Of Flying, Hudd Trax and more – with widespread support from across the scene. His new EP is a gem and finds a home on Popcorn Records, a French label – as well as a great D’Julz remix, there are two original tracks, Sortable and Blur. Both tracks are great pieces of music with funky undertones and a real strong groove, but Sortable is the choice cut. A louche lurching track that progresses at a relaxed pace with its pitched down vocal, jovial pipes and bright melodies. Its bassline is impossible to resist, meanwhile Blur is a similarly relaxed affair though with a bit more colour, more funk and excellent use of vocals.

Mihai Popoviciu – Sortable EP incl. D’Julz Remix Out Soon ! by Popcorn Records

H Foundation & David Durango – Surface[Supplement Facts]

H Foundation and David Durango first got together on a remix of Alland Byallo’s Bygones – and their collab came off so well that they continued to work together and came out with this two-tracker which comes courtesy of Guy Gerber’s Supplement Facts label – a label we’re big fans of here at Point Blank. Following their remix of Byallo’s excellent track, this EP continues in a similarly mesmerising, off-kilter style. Surface takes a little while to get going, but when it does it’s like a malevolent force is in operation, creeping and crawling with sinister intent. The groove is captivating, deep and immersive, the beats are strong but not too overpowering – an excellent late-night track with great energy.

H-Foundation and David Durango “Paint It Black EP” [Forthcoming Supplement Facts June 2013] by Roots Events

GoldFFinch – Sultry Steel [dirtybird]

Belgian duo GoldFFinch have been picking up some steam recently, they’ve already had releases on dirtybird and this new EP will help to cement their relationship with the label. It’s a sultry blend of hefty basslines, smooth melodies, soulful vocals and steel drums… yes, there’s some real Caribbean flavour running through Sultry Steel – the most aptly-named track of the week without a doubt. This is bound to be a big one at all the festivals this year, it’s got a strong summer vibe and enough bass to kick things off with a bang, a smooth summer banger. GoldFFinch are definitely a duo to keep an eye on – if Mr VonStroke says so, then who are we to argue?!

GoldFFinch – 11th Hour [Preview] by dirtybird


Give It Up! x Point Blank
Our very own East London party kicks off again next Thursday. Entry is FREE all night, so get on down!
Click here for information

Oval Space Music / Ry & Frank Wiedemann present ‘The Howling – 4th July
The men behind the modern-day classic Howling, which was remixed by Ame last year to devastating effect, will be at one of our favourite east London venues this week – Oval Space. An essential gig.
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Henry Saiz Official Album Launch – 5th July
Our friends at Village Underground host this huge party for the release of Henry Saiz’s new LP. We have limited discounts just for PB students at this party, so make sure you click here for more info.
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Deviation at XOYO – 5th July
One of London’s most respected parties, Deviation is back with Benji B and co rocking XOYO.
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Art of Dark 2nd Birthday – 6th July
DC10 resident Tania Volcano and eastern European whizz Nastia will be headlining at this party which runs through the day and night at Oval Space. Should be a special one.
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Ricardo Villalobos at fabric – 6th July
Villalobos at fabric is always a very special occasion. We really shouldn’t have to tell you be at this one.
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