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Point Blank Music & Club Recommendations: June 17th

Hi there, welcome to another instalment of our recommendations feature. This week features some great music, including a brilliant album from Jon Hopkins, singles from Waifs & Strays, Julian Jeweil, Marc Scholl, Brett Jacobs, Jesse Perez and lots more. Plus some of the best club nights happening around London town over the next week… ENJOY!


Jon Hopkins – Immunity [Domino]

It’s hard to know what to expect when Jon Hopkins releases an album, his career has spanned many trends in the music scene and his own work has evolved significantly since his first LP, more than ten years ago.

While Hopkin’s own solo career has taken a backseat for a while now, we’ve enjoyed the results of creative partnerships, including Brian Eno and more recently King Creosote: presenting audiences with ambient electronica and pop overtones.

I remember clearly the first time I heard his last solo album. Initially I wondered whether Hopkins had been secretly having an affair with fellow English man Chris Clark due to the pumped up explosive rhythms audible on the tracks. Yet for Immunity, Hopkins had found other inspiration, a certain rhythmic brutality is still present, but now shares his musical landscape with more psychedelic melodies reminiscent of the early work of electronic non-conformer James Holden.

And so the question is formed: How can the same person make such dream-like electronic tracks on collaborations and, in contrast, generate so much fury when making music alone? Are these daring symptoms of a multiple personality? Be that the case, we welcome the results: Immunity is an extraordinary album that will arouse in you an irresistible thrill, dare you to resist the sensation to let go of yourself and give in to the beat.

For those that seek a harder beat, head to “Open Eye Signal” -a nearly eight minute long campaign where Hopkins relentlessly hammers strangely shaped waves in brilliantly orchestrated chaos, and you will know what a rush of adrenaline sounds like.


Since teaming up with Domino Records, Hopkin’s solo releases have taken an engaging path. Immunity may not cause a revolution in the world of electronic music, however he does manage a brilliant synthesis of sound resurging from the old days of IDM and Drone music, coupled with the possibilities that the newest technologies in sound production offer. Whether you like his music or not, Hopkins is undeniably an extremely precise goldsmith of sound and his work on Immunity is like a great lesson in sound engineering for us all.

You can buy Immunity here: https://bleep.com/release/43983-jon-hopkins-immunity
Jonathan Cornacchia


Marc Scholl – Frunk [Cecille]

Cecille’s label head is really going for it this year, with a wicked two-tracker on sub-label Cecille Numbers just recently he’s back on the parent label with his A Beautiful Gloom EP. There are five tracks in total on this release, with Frunk the pick of the bunch. It evokes a very Detroit feeling throughout, with rising synth melodies, twinkly bleeps and echoing vocals throughout. These elements are complemented by a tough set of percussion and haunting trumpets that call out like a mother in search of its young. French maestro D’Julz turns in a wicked remix of Frunk, while elsewhere Marc veers into aquatic minimal (Caboose), tougher Chicago house-orientated styles (G’Zu) and understated yet relentless territory with J’roove Bon.

marc scholl – a beautiful gloom EP incl. D’Julz Remix (CEC035) by Cécille Records

Julian Jeweil – Don’t Think [MinusMAX]

One of France’s finest techno exports, Julian Jeweil has seen his music released by numerous prestigious labels owned by some of the scene’s most respected DJs and producers. Richie Hawtin seems to be a big fan, having signed a few of Julian’s previous releases and now supporting his new EP, Don’t Think, on Minus’ little brother MinusMAX. This three-tracker is an awesome display of Jeweil’s skills and it’s the title track that has grabbed our attention. Don’t Think is a chuggy, morose and downright menacing slice of techno with a bassline that is reminscent of a dog barking – the percussion works perfectly in tandem with the plodding bass, galactic whirrs and hypnotic beeps, not too overbearing but with enough presence to keep the energy levels up.
PREVIEW Julian Jeweil (Don’t Think Ep) minusMAX 5 by JULIAN JEWEIL

Brett Jacobs – Miles Apart [Luna]

Brett Jacobs studied Logic Pro online with us here at Point Blank, and he’s gone from strength to strength over the last year or so with some high quality releases and support from DJs like tINI, Enzo Siragusa and the FUSE London crew. Brett’s music is a mixture of dubby techno with house influences, minimal yet full of depth. This is his new EP on Luna and we love it. Miles Apart is a firm favourite, it’s unerring energy, vocal clips and the movement in its bassline are impossible to resist. Elsewhere on the EP Brett drops El Hadu, a more toned down track with less bounce, but just as good. He also team up with Patrice Meiner for Preserve The Light, a dark moody number with a great spoken word vocal.
Brett Jacobs & Patrice Meiner “Preserve the light EP” Inc; ROZZO Remix / out on 12″ June by Luna Records UK

Jesse Perez – We Get F****ed Up [Heidi's Jackathon Jams]

Jessse Perez is one of our favourite house music artists – hailing from Miami, he’s got a style all of his own; house music that is perfect for parties – full of energy and ghetto flavour. His new music finds a home on Heidi’s Jackathon Jams and, as expected, it’s non-stop block party vibes from start to finish. Another thing Jesse is known for is his X-rated titles, our pick being We Get F***ed Up – a bumping piece of house music with hilarious samples, stomping beats and a serious infectious bassline. If you don’t dance to this, you have no soul, it’s as simple as that. The rest of the EP is just as fresh and Detroit skillionaire Jimmy Edgar rocks out a brilliant remix, too.

Jesse Perez – Jackathon Jams EP by Jesse Perez

Rework – Touch [Visionquest]

This French trio have been supplying refreshing house and techno for some time now and link up with Visionquest for this new EP. Touch is the title track and, though it’s simple and repetitive (in typical Rework style), it’s mightily effective. Aside from the vocals which encourage the listeners to ‘Touch each other’, the track has a seriously addictive groove with a bassline to die for and a gravelly chunk of analogue to add some meat to its bones. There’s a pervasive feeling of melancholy throughout (again a trademark of the trio) though the music will keep you buoyant and will most definitely draw you into its web. Beware, Rework’s music is will leave you hopelessly hooked and eager for more. A really great EP.

Rework – Touch by Visionquest Records

Issac Christopher – The Good Old Days (Jam & Keys Remix) [Madtech]

Every week at least one new retro sounding EP lands in our inbox, and here’s yet another one – from Kerri Chandler’s Madtech label. With the house legend’s seal of approval stamped on it, there’s no way it could be anything but a very good selection of music. Issac Christoper’s track is remixed twice – with Kerri himself adding his own midas touch to it, with a vocal and a dub mix, but it’s Jam & Keys’ brightl and breezy summer-tinged garage mix that really stands out on this release. The combination of sparkling keys, warm chords and melodies together with the vocal snippet and a fantastic bassline plus the irresistable 4×4 beats make for a devastating piece of house music.

Issac Christopher- The Good Old Days E.P by Issacchristopher

Waifs & Strays – It’s Over [Hot Waves]

Waifs & Strays are a pair of producers from Bristol who are among Point Blank’s firm favourites – they consistently produce great dancefloor tracks that have been released through labels such as Hot Creations, Leftroom and Dirtybird. This new EP is no different, comprised strong dancefloor vibes though the A-side is quite different to the B-side. Our personal preference is If You Love featuring Hollie G – it’s got a proper old nineties feel to it with its analogue synth line… it sounds like something you might have heard on Sega beat-em-up game Streets Of Rage, but obviously far more advanced and coupled with a seriously funked up bassline and great vocals from Hollie. Wicked stuff from the Bristol duo.
Waifs & Strays – Its Over EP (preview snippet) by waifs&strays


Give It Up! x Point Blank
Our very own East London party kicks off again this Thursday. Entry is FREE all night, so get on down!
Click here for information

Church presents Boddika, Sei A, October, Lorca at Corsica Studios – 21st June
Church rock it at Corsica Studios once again – their new label (also called Church) is one to watch out for and this party is going to be a brutal affair no doubt. Be there.
Click here for information

Mike Skinner x MJ Cole x Melé & Ms Dynamite at XOYO – 21st June
Party vibes all nigth at XOYO with Mike Skinner of The Streets along with another UK music institution, Ms Dynamite. Garage don MJ Cole and Mele will also be in attendance.
Click here for information

Way Back Here with Maurice Fulton at Dance Tunnel – 21st June
The Dance Tunnel is one of London’s best new small venues, and the line-up is ridiculous with eccentric house legend Maurice Fulton at the controls, plus Way Back Here’s resident gang.
Click here for information

Krankbrother Street Party with Guy Gerber, Tini & John Talabot at Clifton Street – 22nd June
Last year the Krankbrothers pulled off an amazing street party in the heart of Shoreditch, this year they’re back in the same spot for more fun. Can’t wait for this one!
Click here for information

Behind This Wall with DJ Sprinkles at Plastic People – 22nd June
DJ Sprinkles is a legend, there’s nothing more to add. This is the party of the weekend!
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