May 31, 2013  |   News, Tips & Tricks

Point Blank x Beatport ‘How To…’ Page

How many times have you listened to a classic track and wondered exactly what it was that makes it so special? Probably more than a few times if you’re a keen music fan – curiosity is, of course, what helps to inspire many producers around the world. ‘What makes that particular drum sound? How did they get that snare so sharp?’… asking questions and trying to answer them yourself is a key element of the learning process. As we all know, if a track can be built up, it can also be broken down – which is exactly what we’re doing with our new How to Create Electronic Music feature with our friends at Beatport.

For this series Beatport have enlisted the assistance of our expert tutor Ski Oakenfull, taking two of his previous efforts and two brand new tutorials – Gabriel by Roy Davis Jr. (feat. Peven Everett) and Nightcall by Kavinsky. Check them out below and make sure you head over to the Beatport page to learn more.