February 8, 2013  |   News, Producer's Producer

Producer’s Producer: Alex Niggemann

Welcome back to Producer’s Producer, the feature where we speak to musicians to find out who their inspirations are and why they consider that person to be an inspiration. This week it’s the turn of German producer Alex Niggemann, who released his debut LP Paranoid Funk last year. Alex has been making music for a long time now, with releases on Poker Flat, Get Physical and Nick Curly’s 8Bit Records, as well as many others including his own Soulfooled label. He came up under the wing of Get Physical’s DJ.T, for whom he archived music as a youngster. Over the years, he has grown in stature and now travels the globe on the international DJ circuit. A new EP containing remixes of tracks from Alex’s album has just been released with new versions produced by artists including Andre Lodemann, Alex Flatner & LOPAZZ and James What.

Alex chose four people as his ultimate producers, each with a reason why and here they are:

Emmanuel Top

When I started to play records I was lucky that my brother already had a huge collection of nineties Techno records. Since my brother stopped DJing, I got hold of the whole catalogue of Emmanuel Top’s Attack releases. They might be the biggest treasure I have in my record collection. Ever since my very first gigs, there have always been several records of his in my case. Emmanuel’s songs stand out because of their high quality production, especially when considering that they were released in the early/mid nineties. I really love his way of using one of the most common instruments, a 303, in his very own way.  Emmanuel is definitely the guy who made me fall in love with Techno, production-wise.

Giorgio Moroder

Known for his productions with Donna Summer, this man is famous all over the world. He is definitely one of the top producers who inspired me and generations of musicians comprehensively. Besides Düsseldorf’s Kraftwerk, Giorgio Moroder for me is the beginning of Techno. When listening to his album ‘Einzelgänger’, there’s no doubt that his music sounds like the foundation for Techno from 21st Century with its synthesizer sequences, although it was created way back in 1975. One of the most groundbreaking things about Giorgio is that he was the first to introduce the 4×4 (four to the floor) kick drum in music (with ‘I Feel Love’), which was the main influence for the upcoming sound in Chicago during the eighties and still is the most instrinsic element of House/Techno.


Martin Buttrich

As I started to work professionally as a producer, there was and still is only one producer who I really admire for all his skills and his way of production: Martin Buttrich. This guy is a machine. Producing/mastering German Hip Hop stuff, being the man behind Timo Maas’ legendary hits (e.g.’Shifter’), making Loco Dice become a superstar DJ with his releases for Ovum, Minus and Cocoon or his brilliant, yet unfortunately underated, own productions. Martin always finds the perfect balance of not using too many sounds, building up an arrangement that tells you a perfectly written story and being techy and deep at the same time. I heard a rumour that he went to LA to start doing film music. He’s definitely someone who can make it in Hollywood, but please don’t stop releasing such amazing electronic music, Martin!

Andre Lodemann

In Deep House music no one compares to Andre Lodemann. I’ve been following him and his music for a long time and I’m really happy to finally been able to get him to remix one of my tracks, “Lovers”, which is from my album Paranoid Funk. In each track he produces you can feel his love, passion and skills. Andre is what I would call a real musician, which is becoming more and more rare in House music. Brilliant grooves, always on point, combined with outstanding, sometimes kind of jazzy themes, mixed and arranged in a way that builds up a tension throughout the whole track. He’s probably the only one who could even make a contrived pop song still sound “cool” after remixing it.

Paranoid Funk: The Remixes is available now, pick it up >> HERE. For more information on Alex Niggemann, visit his Facebook page >> HERE.