February 22, 2013  |   News, Producer's Producer

Producer’s Producer: Killawatt

Killawatt (AKA Matt Watt) steps up for this week’s Producer’s Producer. Matt has been DJing since 2006 and got into producing three years later in 2009 – originally a staunch jungle head, he turned his hand to dubstep a few years ago and hasn’t looked back since. Focusing on a tougher, techno-tinged style of dubstep, Matt’s production’s have garnered support from DJs like Youngsta, Mala, Skream & Benga and N-Type with a plethora of releases over the last two years via labels like Osiris and Wheel & Deal. Like many of today’s DJs, Killawatt has travelled the world playing gigs in the USA, Sweden, Germany, Belgium, Croatia, Slovenia and Holland as well as some of the most respected UK dubstep institutions such as FWD, Cable, Corsica Studios and Vagabondz.

Here’s what Killawatt had to say about his ultimate producer…

Considering it was early jungle/DnB producers such as Remarc, DJ SS and Rude & Deadly that first inspired me to take up electronic music production it probably comes as a surprise, to you and to me, that my producer’s producer is Cristian Vogel. I’ve never really stuck with one producer as my main inspiration for music – as my tastes, interests and education progressed, my inspirations ran parallel.

Cristian Vogel’s music reflects my current musical direction pretty accurately. The only similarity to past directions would be the time of his first releases, being the early to mid 1990s. Throughout his career, Vogel has drifted from a raw, distorted, intense techno aesthetic, to experimental compositions referencing early 20th century avant-garde and musique concrete from composers like Pierre Schaeffer (another one of my big inspirations), and on to the more ‘traditional’ band format. His apparent independence, individuality and near self-exclusion from any particular pigeon-holes is something that I admire a great deal and is something that I aim to achieve. It allows for completely free creativity, it’s an attribute all the best and most influential electronic music producers have i.e. Aphex Twin, Squarepusher and of course, Vogel. However, my primary reason for choosing Vogel as my favourite producer is his ability to create music that is dancefloor friendly, highly emotional (without becoming predictable and cheesy) and unique in terms of sound design and structure. His involvement in academia/research based around audio technology and music is another reason, but that subject is for a more lengthy discussion!

The characteristics mentioned above assert themselves most noticeably in tunes such as Enter The Tub (Strike 138), Diggin Fo Da Earth Gamba (Tresor) and my personal favorite of his, Cancion Sintectica (Mille Plateaux). I’m very cynical and probably overly critical in my nature and I will admit that I very rarely hear music that blows me away, makes me drop everything and just listen. Cancion Sintectica is the probably the only piece of music I’ve heard in the last two years that has done this to me. The progressing suspension chords that make up over half of the near ten-minute piece, exude a tense, melancholic but incredibly uplifting sense of emotion when the four-to-the-floor kick finally fades in. It’s this ability to portray and switch between such intense emotions and energies that really make this track, and make Vogel my ‘producers producer’.

Killawatt’s ‘Press On/Tantra’ is released March 4th on Osiris Music UK. For more information on Killawatt visit his Facebook page >> HERE.