December 11, 2013  |   Logic Tutorials, Tutorials

Routing and Recording Notes from Logic Pro X MIDI Effects

Logic Pro’s MIDI effects had always left something (or everything) to be desired until X marked the spot with a whole selection of new MIDI toys. These toys are so good, in fact, many producers have been asking the Logic experts at Point Blank if it’s possible to record the MIDI notes from effects into a new MIDI track so you can edit, quantise and change individual notes for your own tracks.

Usually we’d head straight to Logic’s Environment to route MIDI around between channels but it’s slightly unstable in the current version so we decided to show you exactly how it’s done using the IAC Driver and a little Christmas miracle known as the External Instrument Plugin. You’re welcome. Make sure you subscribe to our channel for more free tutorials and if you want to recommend a tutorial, message us on Facebook!

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