June 17, 2013  |   Events, News

Sonar Festival Report: Night 2 (Kraftwerk, Jamie Lidell, Wolf+Lamb, Marc Houle, Troy Pierce)

Our second night at Sonar proved to be a feast for the ears and the eyes (in the case of Kraftwerk). Having had another productive day at Ableton’s artist meet and greet event at Sync Studios, we celebrated by heading out to both the official Sonar event and some of the Off parties, too – a busy night, but tonnes of fun. At Sonar By Night we caught an array of artists, Jamie Lidell being one of the standout acts – he’d been in to visit the Ableton studio, where we had the chance to meet him and what a legend he is. Jamie took to the stage with a typically energetic and passionate performance, getting the crowd hyped up and providing one of the best one-man shows we’ve seen in quite some time. Excellent.

Jamie Lidell smashing Sonar

Soon after it was time for one of the most anticipated shows of the entire festival, electronic music pioneers Kraftwerk played a 3-D show – everyone in attendance (around 10,000 people!) was given a pair of 3-D glasses in order to enjoy the astounding visuals that accompanied the musical delights provided by the German group. We were beyond impressed with the show, amazing visuals and timeless music presented in a way that was unforgettable. Absolute class.

The infinitely amazing Kraftwerk

The 3-D shades provided to audience members at Kraftwerk’s show Photo: andresaguilarcaro

Once Sonar By Night had come to an end it was time to head out into Barcelona for some Off party action, which began at the Crew Love party with Wolf+Lamb vs Soul Clap. As ever, the guys were absolutely on point with their musical selection providing the perfect balance between soul, disco, funk, and straight up house music – taking place at the Parc Del Forum, also on the bill were San Francisco’s PillowTalk, Slow Hands, Tanner Ross, No Regular Play, Navid Iazdhi and the excellent Nick Monaco, too. Full crew in attendance and nothing but great music from start to end.

Wolf+Lamb VS Soul Clap at their Crew Love event held at Parc Del Forum

After Crew Love it was time to switch up the mood a little with the Items & Things gang, we caught Marc Houle and, friend of Point Blank, Troy Pierce who both worked the sound system at the City Hall venue – which was used by several different parties during the week. Marc Houle turned in an impressive live set, while Troy’s selection of off-kilter techno was predictably engrossing and entertaining. Also on the bill was NYMA and the first lady of Items & Things, Magda.

Troy Pierce holding it down at the Items & Things party