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10 Best New Things About Logic Pro X 10.1

Patrick Swift, Feb 26, 2015  For all Logic Pro users, the unveiling of Logic Pro X 10.1 was both an exciting and daunting prospect. Some were skeptical, and weren’t keen on the new look in the latest version of the DAW, but at Point Blank we’re never ones to stand in the way of progress so naturally we’ve got stuck right in with the new    
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Top 3 Logic Tutorials 2014

Declan McGlynn, Dec 27, 2014  Logic Pro is a complex beast, with over 20 years of variations on hard drives across the world. With version X hitting the net last year, it spawned a whole new series of guides and tutorials as well as hidden gems and tricks. We’ve combed through our selection of Logic Pro tutorials to bring you our favourite of the year.   
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10 Hidden Gems in Logic Pro X

Declan McGlynn, Dec 15, 2014  Logic Pro has been around, in various incarnations, since the late 80s. As its grown over the years, with a recent facelift in version X, many of the less-sexy but hugely efficient features have become hidden within menus within menus. Not only that but some of the newer features can go beyond the call of duty with a bit of    
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Point Blank Hits 150k Fans on both Facebook and YouTube!

Patrick Swift, Nov 27, 2014  This week saw a momentous occasion in which Point Blank surpassed 150,000 likes on Facebook and 150,000 subscribers on YouTube! We thought this would be a great opportunity to get all nostalgic
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Moon Boots: Interview at IMS Engage LA 2014

Declan McGlynn, Oct 17, 2014  Moon Boots aka Pete Dougherty is one of dance music’s most reliable producers, consistently producing killer remixes and releases on one of the hottest imprints around – French Express. His remix of Chvrches The Mother We Share was an instant classic, combining a retro synth touch with beautiful chords and sounds. We wanted to hear
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An Interview with Dave Rene (A&R Interscope Records)

Aug 28, 2014  We recently had a very special guest with us at Point Blank London in the form of Dave Rene from Interscope Records. Dave is Head of A&R for dance music at Interscope; he’s been billed as one of the
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PB Tutor Profile: Doug McAvoy (RAM Records, Hospital, Valve Recordings)

Declan McGlynn, Aug 14, 2014  If you’re an avid reader of Point Blank Plus (duh) you’ll already know we started a brand new Tutor Profile series, highlighting the amazing experience and knowledge of the tutors
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Logic Pro 1: Production – Direct Video Response (DVR) Example

Declan McGlynn, Aug 01, 2014  Every second week of their course, our online students receive a one-to-one personal feedback video from their tutor, who’ll break down their project, go through each element and explain
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How to Remix Part 3: How To Manage Bit Depth

Rob Cowan, Apr 30, 2014  One of the most important things at the beginning of a remix project is to establish the Bit Depth of the parts supplied to you. If you don’t know what you are doing with respect to Bit Depth you may well end up sending something to the label that is sonically sub-standard. Working out the Bit Depth is relatively straight    
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Point Blank Monthly Round-up: March 2014

Declan McGlynn, Apr 03, 2014  March is behind us and we’re feeling foolish as we look back on another busy and bustling month at Point Blank. This month was all about new music-making toys starting with a Friday Forum Live special looking at Roland’s AIRA range and ending with an exclusive series of tutorial videos on Native Instruments’ new Molekular effects
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Logic Pro 1: Production – Vocal Comping

Declan McGlynn, Apr 02, 2014  Vocal comping is a powerful feature that allows multiple vocal takes to edited to a single track by highlighting the best moments of each take. What was once a laborious process has been hugely simplified by digital audio workstations, and even more so by Logic Pro X’s latest features. In this video taken from our Logic Pro 1: Production sample
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