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Friday Forum Live! Kick Drum Special with JC Concato – 13.09.13 – 4PM (BST)

Sep 13, 2013  It’s that time again – Fridays mean Friday Forum Live! This week, Point Blank tutor JC Concato explores one of the most important elements of electronic music – the kick drum. We break down what
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Friday Forum (not) Live! – DECiBEL: Creating the Sub-Bass in ‘G.A.P’ ...

Aug 23, 2013  Due to key members of our broadcast team hightailing it off on holiday, for the next couple of weeks we won’t have Friday Forum as it’s usual live broadcast. Instead we have a couple of quality video tutorials
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9 Lives Of Ableton: Episode 5 – Importing and Manipulating Audio

Aug 20, 2013  This week, Point Blank tutor and Ableton Live expert Anthony Chapman, who’s working with the likes of Franz Ferdinand and Klaxons, tackles how Ableton Live’s audio warping features help you creatively
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Ableton Music Production Online Course Now Integrated with Push!

Jul 04, 2013  We wanted to let you know about the brand new Push content that’s been integrated into our Ableton Live 1: Production course. All the basic techniques of Push are introduced alongside the existing course
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Learn Music Production in London with Point Blank

Declan McGlynn, Jan 21, 2013  Music is the soundtrack to our lives, but if you want to start creating your own tracks, it can be a daunting task. There are many trends, techniques and technicalities to take into account and to
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Top Five Logic Videos – 2012

Dec 24, 2012  We’re very proud to present our top five Logic tutorials from the past year with a host of interesting guests coming in to demonstrate their unique skills as well as some superlative masterclasses from our own tutors. Have a look, and if you’re interested in taking a Logic course at our school in London click here, or for an online    
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Stefano Ritteri AKA Solo (Defected / dirtybird) Music Production Masterclass

Dec 22, 2012  Last month we welcomed DJ and producer Stefano Ritteri (AKA Solo) along to the PB studios for a Live Masterclass series in association with DJ Mag. Refusing to define himself by any one scene or sound, Stefano strives
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How to Write Chord Progressions for Electronic Music & Songs Pt.1

Dec 19, 2012  Many of our students like to brush up on their compositional knowledge, so we thought we’d provide a helpful guide to the basic ideas that underpin music theory on chord progression. You can get a more in depth
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Remix the Chemical Brothers with the Point Blank Music Machine

Dec 08, 2012  If you are new to music production or just want to put together a banging track quickly to share with your friends, then the Point Blank Music Machine is the way to go. The loops and samples are created by our team of pro
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Friday Forum Live! – How to Get Involved / Watch Past Broadcasts

Nov 30, 2012  We have launched a new interactive series Friday Forum Live! If you want to join in head to our Facebook page here each Friday where we will post a link to watch the live broadcast. Hosted by Point Blank Course Advisors
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Vocal Writing & Recording Live Masterclass with Jamie George (Rinse) and Raffertie ...

Nov 19, 2012  Following up from our last vocal recording session which featured Robert Owens, we’re very pleased to be welcoming singer/songwriter Jamie George to work live in the studio with Point Blank tutor Raffertie
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