May 31, 2013  |   Daily Round-Up, News

Daily News: Take a Tour of Funkagenda’s Studio

Today’s top picks…

Funkagenda Studio Tour >> (Music Radar)
DJ and producer Funkagenda takes Future Music on a guided tour of his LA studio. Check it out below…

Returning to the Future: Why Electronic Music is About to Step Backward into Retro Purgatory >> (Crossdadr)
Crossfadr discuss why they predict electronic music is set to go retro. We’d love to hear your opinions on this. Leave your comments below.

Hot Seat: Daniel Miller >> (The Music Network)
The Music Network catch up with Mute Records founder Daniel Miller to discuss what they look for when signing a track, how to survive as an indie label and much more.

Producer Spotlight: Lucky Date >> (DJ Tech Tools)
DJ Tech Tools talk to producer Lucky Date where he shares some advice he would have given himself when starting out.