November 8, 2011  |   News, Tips & Tricks

Tommy D Masterclass: Using Vocalists in Music Production

Tommy D, the man responsible for chart smashes by  Kylie Minogue, Kanye West, Jay Z and Michael Jackson, recently stopped in at  Point Blank HQ to talk to the students. Throughout his career, Tommy has worked with a diverse array of artists and is renowned for tirelessly helping to kickstart the careers of both KT Tunstall and Corrine Bailey Rae who reached No.1 with their albums in both the UK and US. His track-record has led to him becoming one of the most in demand producers in the industry.

Drawing from his wealth of knowledge, Tommy offered advice and tips aimed at teaming up stand-out vocalists with unique producers, in the process sharing some of his own varied experiences as a music producer and songwriter.

A story which provided particular interest – and amusement – was his account of a recording session with indie band Catatonia, with gradually increasing levels of inebriation amongst the band. He played the Point Blank audience the final track pointing out which parts were recorded later in the session (drunk) and earlier (sober). The point being that a singer can produce different tones and moods with their voice, and it is up to the producer to find the best fit for the track even if that means getting them drunk!

Thanks to everyone who showed up not least Tommy himself! Check out his website here and the video highlights in the player above.

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