September 19, 2011  |   News

Tracy Ann Oberman Takes Singing Class at Point Blank

Recently we received a pleasantly surprising phone call from actress and writer Tracy Ann Oberman.  Tracy told us that she wanted to start taking singing lessons and, after searching for a place to learn, had decided to get in touch with us.  We booked Tracy in for her first session straight away, but also, out of curiosity, asked what had sparked this desire to learn to sing.  Tracy explained how it had all started when she first took part in Born To Shine

The recent ITV series Born To Shine was set up to raise money and awareness for the Save The Children charity.  The show featured a group of celebrities who received musical coaching from talented youngsters and then performed live in front of a panel of judges.  These performances were put to a public vote with one celebrity being cut from the running each week.

Tracy Ann-Oberman was one of those who took part  and was coached by 14 year old Folk singer Issy Ferris.  Issy taught her celebrity protégé the techniques of Folk singing and accompanying oneself on the guitar.

The pair made it through to the final round of the show which is an incredible achievement for them both. You can watch excerpts from the show including Tracy and Issy’s performance here > >

Now Tracy is building on the skills she has learnt from Issy by taking vocal sessions with Grammy award winning musician and songwriter Phil Ramacon here at Point Blank.  Phil teaches our Singing and Songwriting course and we sat in on one of Tracy’s lessons with Phil to see how she was getting on…

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