November 8, 2012  |   Competitions, Miscellaneous, News

Listen to Worthy’s Favourite Remix Entries and Check His Feedback

About a month ago we gave you the chance to remix one of our favourite dirtybird tracks, Worthy’s Shy Look. Our good friend and dirtybird bossman Claude Vonstroke handed over the parts to the track and we offered them for a free download for you guys to have your wicked way with.

Over the past few weeks we received loads of amazing remixes in a ton of different styles, it’s been a pleasure to listen to all of your efforts in the PB office and to check out the different interpretations that you put together. After a painstaking decision process we narrowed down the hundreds of entries to our top 6 and sent these over to Claude and Worthy to take a listen.

After a listening session Worthy had his ears firmly locked on to three of the mixes in particular, here’s what he had to say…

“The thing that really gets me on the MNS Remix is the Bass Groove is so big and nasty with the vocal hits. It just keeps you moving even through the breaks.  I also like the way the original sounds from the chords to vocals are used and given some new twists. This one will bang in club for sure.

On the Coen Remix I dig, how he took the original chord hits I used and brought them back to there original form, back to the old school rave chord. It is not just that, but the overall groove and rework of the vox hits into a new pattern that compliments the over all groove he has created. It sounds like it could have been made in 94.

Another stand out for me is the One Nil remix. I really like the overall vibe he created with the chords and synth hits. The break really brings me back a bit and has a nice chill out atmospheric sound but with a new twist. The bass hits are nice and big on this too which I also love.”

Check out the full six top remixes below, including Worthy’s favourites…Hit us up on Twitter and let us know which you think would bang hardest in the club!