November 2, 2011  |   Guest Artists, In & Around Point Blank

Wretch 32 Develops New Track @ Point Blank

Last week we welcomed one of the most exciting new talents of the UK Urban scene, Wretch 32, to share his knowledge and record a track with Music Potential competition winner; Osasu ‘Sasman’ at Point Blank College studios. The track was written by Osasu, then developed with Point Blank tutor and Greenmoney producer; Alex Phountzi.

Music Potential is an initiative set up to give 16-25 year olds, particularly those not in education, employment or training, a chance to explore their talent through free workshops on music production, mixing, film making and vocal skills.

Wretch himself is no stranger to disadvantage. His tracks draw heavily on his experiences growing up among the high rises of London’s Tottenham’s Tiverton Estate and Broadwater Farm, the area’s most notorious urban sprawl. He first got into music when he was eighteen as a means of releasing his frustrations and has since gone on to develop his own unique style that draws on hip hop, grime, and soul to name a few.

Wretch’s latest album Black and White includes a number of collaborations with talent both new and established, so when winner Sasman got hooked up with Wretch and Alex Phountzi it proved to be an unforgettable experience. Wretch also offered some wise words to all aspiring producers and artists:

“Be original, be yourself…you are your own tool and your own key, you can work as hard as you want and you can sharpen your skills and be as good as you want…the only thing that’s holding you back is yourself… if you believe in yourself you can accomplish anything”

Alex Phountzi teaches both our Deep & Soulful House, and Logic course online, as well as DJing with his Greenmoney outfit around the UK and Europe. He has remixed tracks for countless artists including; Amy Winehouse, Roisin Murphy and the legendary Fela Kuti.

Also Check out Wretch 32 performing live on Jules Holland earlier this year, collaborating with Josh Kurma below:

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